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Investment Management

We identify great opportunities

Our Investment Management divisions offer bespoke client portfolios

Oberon Investments has over 30 years’ experience investing for their clients. It retains an entrepreneurial approach to fund management and its range of services provides clients with the ability to apply low risk to the majority of their portfolio whilst also being offered the chance to look at opportunities in higher-risk investments with the potential for higher returns.

Our Approach

A dynamic, agile and personal approach

Our Investment Management divisions offer bespoke client portfolios. With a dynamic, agile, and personal approach, Our Investment Management Team, Oberon Investments, combine traditional investment methods and values with 21st century innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

A truly personalised service

We believe successful investment management is achieved not only through an understanding of investments but also through a deep understanding of the people on behalf of whom we are acting. The company was founded to provide clients with a truly personalised service. We structure client’s portfolios precisely in line with their personal financial objectives and appetite for risk.

Meeting our clients objectives

An independent and boutique operation

As an independent and boutique operation we are not bound by centralised “buy lists” and our investment managers are empowered to seek out opportunities that meet their specific client’s objectives. Our approach to client service centres around the mantra of “what can we do for you?” rather than “this is what we offer.”

We are proud recipients of the ARC 3D Award which underpins and demonstrates our commitment to transparency, engagement and integrity.

Our Investment Management Services

1. Tax-efficient Investment solutions
2. Special situations service
3. Access to IPO’s and fundraising opportunities

4. Discretionary fund management
5. Managed Portfolio Service (“MPS”)
6. Execution-only services

Investment Management​

Our Features

Traditional Personal Service

In a world where individual investment manager discretion is being increasingly replaced by automated processes and responses, we empower our investment managers to deliver what clients seek.


Our investment team has been chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit and, as well as adhering to the principles of traditional investment management, they embrace new technology, provide broad access to deal flow, and continually explore and examine interesting investment opportunities.


The investment managers have a strong track record in achieving good short and longer-term returns for clients. 2020 and 2021 have been particularly good for gains in our equity portfolios as a result of our investment managers using their wealth of experience in stock selection and risk management to take full advantage of the many opportunities in a volatile market, combined with a period of compelling deal-flow and a favourable market (background) in small and midcap companies.

Bespoke Portfolios

Our bespoke service ensures a client’s portfolio is structured in the way that specifically suits them, not in a way that fits in with a top-down standardised formula.

Experience and Research

Our investment managers combine decades of experience with extensive research from brokerage houses as well as conducting hundreds of meetings annually with management teams of the companies in which we invest.


We don’t set rigid minimum fund limits.

The Best Prices

People not Processes – Our highly experienced traders use a combination of technology and personal contact to achieve the most favourable prices for clients, which are often not the ones advertised on screen. Best execution is at the heart of what we achieve for clients.

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