Shares and Significant Shareholders

Shares in Issue

The number of shares in issue at the date of Admission (9 February 2021) was 407,789,775, of which 32.41% was in public hands. The current number of shares in issue is 412,244,485, of which 32.06% is in public hands.

Options / Warrants

At the date of admission there are options/warrants granted over 50,061,125 shares which would represent, if they were all exercised immediately, (although they cannot be), 10.93% of the enlarged share capital.

Significant Shareholders

Significant shareholders who at the time of Admission will own over 5% of the issued share capital of the company are as follows:

 (i) Simon McGivern – 12.8%

(ii) David Evans – 8.2%

(iii) Octopus – 7.5%

(iv) Basis Sellers – 6.5%

Restrictions on Share Transfer

There are no restrictions on the transferability of the shares, other than the shares owned by four senior employees of the company who have agreed to act as warrantors to the former owners of Baskerville Capital and as such have agreed to not dispose of their shares for a period of 6 months from the date of Admission.

Exchanges / Trading Platforms

The company’s shares have been admitted to the Access segment of the AQSE Growth Market.

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