Shares and Significant Shareholders

Shares in Issue

The current number of shares in issue as at 4th August 2022 is 470,124,330, of which 63.0% is in public hands.


As at 29th November 2022 there are options granted over 62,948,760 shares which would represent, if they were all exercised immediately, (although they cannot be), 11.8% of the enlarged share capital.

Significant Shareholders

Significant shareholders as at 25th October 2022 who own over 5% of the issued share capital of the company are as follows:

 (i) Simon McGivern – 11.22%

(ii) Octopus – 9.75%

(iii) David Evans – 9.36%

(iv) Basil Sellers – 6.40%

Restrictions on Share Transfer

There are no restrictions on the transferability of the shares.

Exchanges / Trading Platforms

The company’s shares are listed on the Access segment of the AQSE Growth Market.

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