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Bringing together decades of experience

Oberon Group is a financial boutique comprising of three divisions: Investment Management, Wealth Planning and Corporate Advisory & Broking.

Traditional Personal Service

Investment Management

Our Investment Management divisions offer bespoke client portfolios. With a dynamic, agile, and personal approach, Our Investment Management Team, Oberon Investments, combine traditional investment methods and values with 21st century innovation and entrepreneurship.

Traditional and Progressive

Wealth Management

We assist members in growing, managing, and preserving their wealth, advising them on how current events and future trends will affect their circumstances.

A Boutique Environment

Corporate Advisory and Broking

Oberon Capital is the corporate advisory and broking division of Oberon Group. We have an experienced and talented team of marketing, fundraising and corporate advisory professionals with extensive access to the UK investment community and a proven track record of raising money and advising companies.

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