Trade AAA Shares

Trade AAA Shares

Oberon Investments Ltd will be offering an agency broking service for the recently delisted shares in All Active Asset Capital Ltd (AAA.L). This service will allow AAA shares to be bought and sold on an over-the-counter (“OTC”) basis.

Please note that this service is now expected to commence in Q1 2022.

If you require further information on this service, please contact us using the following details:


Jules Joris (Dealing) / Nicky Mitchell (Operations/Back Office)

T: +44 (0) 203 179 5312 / +44 (0) 203 179 5327

E: /


Transactions in off-exchange securities may involve greater risk than dealing in exchange traded securities because there is no exchange market through which to liquidate a position, or to assess the value of the security or the exposure to risk. Bid and offer prices need not be quoted, and even where they are, they will be established by dealers in these instruments and consequently it may be difficult to establish what a fair price is. Off-exchange trading is not suitable for everyone. Users of this service will be required to open an account with Oberon Investments Ltd.
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